Meta-minecraft, by Rohan Vazarkar

As part of the 2013 version of the Case Studies course, Rohan Vazarkar, one of my better students was able to get some shells on the systems operated by his classmates. I challenged him though to do something “cool”?

“Like what” he asks?

“Put Minecraft on the target?”

At this point, you can see the smile (smirk?) begin to form on his face.

Of course, putting Minecraft on a target has been done before- take a look at Raphael Mudge’s story of WRCCDC.

Rohan took the time to develop a Metasploit module that now can drop a fully featured Minecraft server on an exploited target- Windows or Linux. He gave a talk on how this was done at the recent Security BSides DC 2013.

You can find the complete source code for the project on its GitHub page.

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