2011 Class

This is the home page for the 2011 edition of the Towson University course COSC 481: Case Studies in Computer Security.

When I taught this course, I created an outline set of notes for students to follow in class. They do not cover everything, but they do discuss all of what I consider to be the high points, together with quirks I found and the odd exercise thrown in for good measure.

On the following sub pages then, you will see the week by week notes used in the class. One comment though- the original documents were simple plain text documents in outline form, and some of the outlines were nested quite deeply. These do not move to HTML format all that nicely, especially in the simple WordPress HTML editor. [Just imagine trying to get WordPress to do a 7 level indented list in HTML. Shudder.] I have reformatted the documents and added some HTML structure to make them look nice, but some of the original structure may have gotten lost along the way. The plan is to update these for the 2012 course in native HTML format- which will also allow be to include screen shots and the like. I have included these more for historical reasons than anything else.


Mike O’Leary

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