2012 Class

This is the home page for the lecture notes for the 2012 edition of the Towson University course COSC 481, Case Studies in Computer Security and its partner course, COSC 745 Advanced Topics in Computer Security.

I am using a WordPress blog this year because I wanted the students to be able to comment on the notes. If, as you read these notes you find something confusing or if you know of a better way to do something, be sure to share it. This was we can all benefit.

Copies of these notes will also be kept on my Towson web page at pages.towson.edu/moleary, but you will not be able to comment on anything that appears there.

This year’s class is the most popular it has ever been; in fact for the first time ever we do not even have enough room in the classroom for all who want to take the course. If interest continues to grow, we will need to start running additional sections of the course!

Best wishes to all on a good class!

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