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Security News #0x7E

  • A vulnerability in glibc that affects the gethostbyname was announced by Qualys. As seems to be all the rage, it was given a nickname, in this case “ghost”. I prefer the easier to remember CVE-2015-0235, though it should be noted that this is marked as reserved rather than assigned in the various databases. Ars Technica has a broad overview of the vulnerability. Because this affects a commonly used library, there are many applications that could potentially be vulnerable; for a list, check out the Sucuri blog. After some reading though, my conclusion is that the best technical analysis is available at lcamtuf’s blog; it should be required reading.
  • I read a wonderful blog post where they build and run a functioning C program without a main() function. In fact, the entire program (which prints “Hello World!” to the screen) consists of a single variable declaration. Intrigued? Check it out..
  • It turns out that Firefox and Chrome can be persuaded via a bit of Javascript to give up the local IP address of the system. This can be useful if, for example, an attacker wants to perform reconnaissance of a target’s internal network. Take a look at the GitHub page of the code; the lifars blog has a demo and defensive techniques.
  • Do you want root on a Nexus 5 with Android 4.4.4? Packetstorm has proof of concept code.
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