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Security News #0x6B

  • PacketStorm has an exploit by sorbo for remote code execution on Nginx up to and including version 1.4.0 on 64 bit Linux systems. The exploit pack even comes with a Python script to identify vulnerable hosts. The underlying vulnerability is CVE 2013-2028.
  • PacketStorm also has a local privilege escalation for Nessus 5.2.1. Apparently an (authenticated) Nessus scan of a target creates a privileged process on the scanned system that can subsequently be modified by unprivileged users.
  • The Metasploit folks are working on a module for CVE 2014-0307, a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 9.
Learning More
  • If you want to learn more about UAC, take a look at the latest blog entry from Raphael Mudge.
  • Carter Jones goes through the process of reversing MS14-013 which patched CVE 2014-0301. What is interesting about this piece is how he takes the patch, diffs it against the original, identifies the patched functions, and determines which function was the source of the original trouble.
Industry News
  • CNet reports that Microsoft has determined that it is allowed to examine the contents of Hotmail messages to determine the source of leaked Microsoft source code. You may also want to check out the coverage at Ars Technica. If this interests you (and it should) then you want to follow up with EFF’s point of view.
  • For about half an hour, traffic to the Google DNS server at was re-routed through South America. Ars Technica reports on the issue, which was another case of a bad BGP announcement.
  • Ars Technica reports that the US will give up control of the authoritative root zone file to a to be determined international consortium.
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