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Security News #0x63

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  • Last year (2013), Mubix gave a talk on how to write malware for mid-Atlantic CCDC at the most recent Shmoocon Epilogue. MS-08-067 over IPV6? Love it!
  • Learning More
    • Are you interested in web security? Are you interested in being sure that your SSL sessions are using the proper protocol, cipher suites, and key sizes? Then you might want to take a look at what Security Labs is doing. They have an SSL rating guide, and a way to test the quality (as they measure it) of a site’s SSL settings.
    • The folks at Quarkslab continue to look into the TCP/32764 backdoor that exists on a number of common routers. They discuss ways these devices could be remotely identified, and some patching techniques.
    Industry News
    Random Humor Retraction
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