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Security News #0x0C

  • The big news of the week has been PHP and CVE-2012-1823 (and CVE-2012-2311). The group Eindbazen found the bug while playing the Nullcon CTF competition in January. They privately informed the PHP group, who were working on a fix. However this past week a bug report containing the issues was made public, and, well, things got complicated fast. A patch was put out, but apparently does not completely solve the problem. Here is some light reading….
  • A new version (3.4.0) of Ophcrcak has been released. This cracks Windows passwords using Rainbow tables, and is available in source, as a Windows binary, or as a Live CD.
  • Ben Toews has a nice white paper on different kinds of small shells, including a POC of httpShell.
  • Last week, we gave a shout out about a post on port forwarding in Meterpreter. This week, we have a nice discussion by Ed Skoudis on pivoting with Meterpreter.
  • Metasploit has a new module for a remote code injection attack against WebCalendar <=1.2.4.
  • At our club meeting, I mentioned the use of Sticky Keys as a privilege escalation attack. The folks at Carnal 0wnage have a blog post that illustrates how it is done.
  • Here is a nice piece on how to recover deleted files from a Linux system.
  • The NovaInfosecPortal has information and news for Northern Virginia, the District, and Maryland.
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