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First Etude

In the time that I have taught cyber security, I have focused on the larger picture- understanding how realistic systems function, where one needs to be aware of how the DNS server and the domain controller and the web site and the database all interact. All of this is important- fundamentally so, I would argue.

On the other hand, by focusing almost exclusively on the larger picture, I have not spent as much time working on some of the various component skills. When coaching a little league baseball team, you need to make sure that not only do your players know what to do and how to react in a game situation, you also have to spend time teaching them good fundamentals- how to orient their body to receive a cutoff throw from the outfield as an example.

So, this year I plan to develop a sequence of etudes in cyber security. In music, an etude is a practice piece meant to help the player learn technique and form. Today I have posted the first such etude, focusing on Wireshark. It is relatively simple- a nice small capture file (~10 MB) and a guided sequence of questions on the contents of that capture. Hopefully after working through the piece, students will be better able to use Wireshark to answer more interesting questions- like who got into my network, and how did they get there.

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