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Welcome to the Cyber Operations Blog

Welcome to the Cyber Operations blog!

For many years, I have been teaching courses in cyber security whose focus has been on the practical components of the discipline- mostly on the defensive side, with occasional forays into offensive security. These are very difficult courses to teach, primarily because the best way to learn these types of topics is for students to “lay hands on keyboards”- and they can’t do that while I am talking.

Over the years, I have increasingly moved away from lecture in class and towards a guided learning approach, where students come to grips with the material primarily through their own direct experience, rather than through listening to me talk. To guide them, I have developed progressively more detailed course notes and projects for the students. These were initially distributed as class hand outs, then moved to online documents.

Over time though, I began to realize that the students needed to be able to comment on the material- sometimes they would catch me in mistakes (not uncommonly!), sometimes multiple students would get hung up on the same point, and sometimes students come up with a better approach. For this year’s class (Spring 2012), I have decided to support the class with a blog so that folks can all comment on the course notes as the class progresses. My hope is that we all will benefit

I have started by converting all of last year’s notes from their plan text outline forms to something that is more appropriate for a blog; hopefully I got those changes (mostly) right.

Beginning in the new year and the new semester, I will begin adding the material for the 2012 class.

Best of luck to all!

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